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Keith DiPrima


Keith DiPrima is a business owner and retired hockey player based in Weddington, NC. Hockey has always been a significant part of Keith’s life, and he still maintains a passion for sharing it with others. Hockey and sports, in general, can be a wonderful outlet for people of all ages, Keith included.

As a professional hockey player, Keith DiPrima played on the world stage and professional inline. More specifically, he played with the Empire State Legends, creating solid memories and an even stronger track record. Those curious can find his records online, which are readily available to all fans. Hockey taught Keith much about life and the world around him, including what it is like to be on a team. A hockey team is like a close-knit community, accepting and supportive, sharing the same interests and goals. Over the years, Keith has found that USA hockey is incredibly supportive, though it is likely that anyone fully enmeshed in a team would feel that way. In truth, most group sports are like this; the question is whether others are willing to spot what these games offer.

For Keith DiPrima, hockey was precisely the sort of community he needed in his life. He’s always had a strong focus on friends and family, a fact that was further enhanced by his time on the ice. Hockey taught Keith how to listen and offer support as needed – especially to those most desperate for aid. This dedication to his team blended well into Keith’s family life. He has always done everything possible to support his friends and family, which now includes a wife and children. His family helps motivate him daily to try new things and be a better person.

Keith DiPrima’s family nature doesn’t end there, as even his professional life revolves around it. First Restoration America is a family-run business with Keith at the helm. First Restoration America is a business that handles restoration following accidents, disasters, and other emergencies. They work with families and companies to help them recover from these incidents, providing the utmost care and sympathy. The company has been operating in the Charlotte Metro area since 2010 and has helped countless families and businesses. First Restoration America’s willingness to embrace new and emergent technology makes it stand out. With Keith’s guidance, the company has openly experimented with new tech and trends, including implementing structural drying tech and even the latest software. 

There are many ways for one to find improvement or chase dreams. Keith DiPrima likes to set new goals for himself. He knows he can get anything done with his family at his back. Thankfully his history in sports has given Keith all the confidence and tools necessary to keep going forward and trying new things. Through hard work and dedication, Keith DiPrima and his entire family have created a successful business and a healthy family. Both are going strong, and that is unlikely to change anytime soon.

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